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Timothy Hutton Daily

Home of the Hutton Fans.

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TIMOTHY HUTTON | actor and director

Mr. Timothy Hutton is an Academy Award winning actor (for best actor in a supporting role in Ordinary People) who is currently starring in the television series, Leverage, an insurance investigator by the name of Nathan Ford, who becomes a modern day Robin Hood.

This community has open membership, but only members may post. If you have any questions, contact the maintainer: eloquence_lostx by message, e-mail (huttondailymod@aim.com), or IM (aol: huttondailymod).

RULES | respect is the ultimate currency

1) NO BASHING: Please refrain from bashing anyone - livejournal user or celebrity. This community is here for one purpose: to admire Timothy Hutton's work. (:
2) PROMOTION: It's allowed, but try not to spam the community.
3) POSTING: Members only. Public again!
- Feel free to post anything related to Timothy Hutton. Pictures, art, news, announcements (if he’s appearing on a show or if something he’s in is showing on TV), etc.
- When posting icons, please put them under a cut. You can however put up to 3 icons as a preview before it.
- Please use tags at all times and use cuts when appropriate. When tagging, label like so: "CATEGORY (for example, movie, TV, actor / actress): TITLE OF PROJECT" Some topics do not have a category. If you don't know how to tag your entry, leave it blank and ask a maintainer to tag it for you.
4) NO HOTLINKING!: Do not hotlink anything that is posted in our community (or anywhere else for that matter). Hotlinking is bad!
5) OT/NON-TIM-RELATED LEVERAGE POSTS: OT posts will be deleted! Non-Tim-related-Leverage posts or posts only about Tim's family are only allowed if the poster adds a Tim pic to the post, but we don't wanna see the community overwhelmed by them. No unnecessary posts please!
6) HAVE FUN: And support Timothy Hutton. (:



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